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    • This is a total win. Because it\’s a neutral dress, you can wear ANY color belt and it would look fatsatnic. I like the red in the earrings – red and purple is a great color combo.You look fatsatnic!

  1. I LOVED this outfit for the holidays! So much so, that I found most items on my own. SHARING~ Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters Boots: Ugg Sweater: I have found that if you google red ruffled sweater, you will find choices that are even nicer than this picture. Scarf: featured scarf is Burberry. It runs about $530 (YIKES). I found a few with similar colors. (google the colors that you like-red/brown/cream) and millions of choices will come up. Jewerly-kholes.com has some nice chunky red/gold pieces. Hope this helps everyone! I have finally completed purchasing this outfit today…!!

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